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What if Jesus had walked away from the cross?


When we make friends, they should be “friends for life”, regardless of a falling-out (or otherwise) we may experience between us!

Sitting on the train this morning, totally oblivious of the pressures and anxiety of taking any type of examination (now or in the near future) or the uncertainty of the workplace, or achieving work-life balance, or when I will be able to run again, the thought of friends, come and gone, young and old, male and female, far and near came to my mind.

I tried to replace those thoughts but I couldn’t! They kept coming back! And I started writing… maybe the beginning pages of a New York bestseller! Who knows… but let’s live in the now…

My late friend said back in 1982 to me, then a “Jambite”, at the University of Ilorin, “Keep smiling, it will confuse everyone!” I’ve never forgotten this! May his soul rest in peace! I can still see his smile!

Friends come for a reason, season and leave sometimes, in like manner, and with the “magic” of Facebook, they reappear, some close to 30 years later! It’s interesting how you can pick up a conversation from 20+ years ago and continue as if time had stood still all those years! I love the people I call “friends” with a passion!

Cherish friends! Celebrate the similarities, Appreciate the differences! Overlook the quirkiness! Focus on how you became friends in the first place! Avoid distractions! Sometimes we “get” to choose our friends. At other times, we don’t “get” to do so! But one thing is clear “two of the same kind, makes one of them unnecessary”.

The Bible talks about the most perfect friend! Not the one type that makes my heart do “Yori Yori” as Bracket puts it! There’s a place for that type of friend too, don’t get me wrong!

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. (John 15:13 KJV)”

He paid the ultimate sacrifice for His friends – some of which betrayed his trust time and again! Wow!

I don’t make light of the fulfillment of prophecy, but He did it of His free will! What if he thought they are not worth it!, why die for them?, what if he got offended at something we did or failed to do according to his tastes or preferences, what if he got irritated as we sometimes do? So many “what ifs”, but I am so thankful that He did what He did, went to the cross and died for my sins!

Again, I ask “what if He walked away from the cross?” And said “Forget it!”

Happy Resurrection Weekend Friends! Christ has died, is Risen and He’s coming back for His Friends!

Abi Adeleke
Arise and Shine!


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