Productivity Tip: Attack Your Clutter Problem Head-On


Time to “Declutter”!

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declutter your life

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Is clutter bringing you down? What you may not realize is how much clutter kills your productivity.

Clutter keeps you from finding important information.

Clutter slows down your daily to-dos and chores.

Clutter even ruins your motivation due to the negative attitude it can cause.

The good news is, your clutter woes can be easily fixed. Try following these 5 simple steps for decluttering your life:

1) Choose Your Workspace

Start by identifying your most frequently used workspaces. Think for a second about the 2 or 3 primary areas where you spend the most time trying to get things done. It might be your office desk, your car, or even your kitchen sink – these are places you should focus the most energy on decluttering.

2) Take the First Step

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