White America’s “obsession with hair issues” – angst – outflow: Cut off your “dada”, elementary school tells little girl! – Tola Adenle


And we will continue to wear braids, dreads, twists until this “obsession” changes! I love my braids!


Dada is the [Nigerian] Yoruba word for “dreadlocks”.

Little Tiana Parker who has had to switch schools as her former school does not allow the wearing of dreadlocks!

[Picture from /Fox News]

Link to story at bottom of essay

Allow me to first say this:  it IS White America that suffers “angst” about African-American hair, a situation that the dominant culture has forced the minority and oppressed population to accept without the minority realizing – rather – being able to do anything about it; that it is a choice that is definitely out of their hands for the most part; a sort of fait accompli:  do SOMETHING to that hair, lighten up your skin – or you won’t get the anchor job, etcetera.  In America, however, African-American females are the one finger-pointed for having “hair angst”; talk of turning the table on your opponent!  Black America is obsessed about hair…

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