Ginger Carrot Pineapple Juice Pulp Crackers


Been juicing a lot… Stumbled upon this great idea in my quest to find out what to do with all that pulp after juicing!

rachelle renée

Okay!  So, I’ve been experimenting with my juice pulp and making some juice pulp crackers based on other juice pulp cracker posts that I’ve read here and here. My favorite juice is pineapple and carrot, and very now and again I’ll add some ginger or apples if the mood strikes.  I have only ever used juice pulp in baked goods or pancakes, so making crackers was very new to me.

My first go round wasn’t as successful as I thought it would be.  My crackers were a little thick and didn’t have the crispiness a cracker normally has.  I had also thought they were be more savory and good with hummus.  There’s nothing like eating a sweet tasting cracker with garlicky jalapeno hummus!  GROSS.

I believe these particular crackers would taste much better with a nut butter of some kind.  As I use more of a variety of fruits/veggies/spices…

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