Nigeria – Russia Human Trafficking – From Sadness to Anger: A Call to Action –

Nigeria – Russia Human Trafficking – From Sadness to Anger: A Call to Action –

As I read the Emotan77’s blog post on ” 200 Nigerian Girls Trafficked to Russia Monthly” – I was initially saddened by the numbers. The question that kept coming to me was “Why is the Russian Embassy in Abuja (or Lagos) still giving out visas (with costs ranging from 13,000 to 54,000 Naira) to people who have not proved that they are going to Russia for “some verifiable reason”? I thought of the Russian officials as accessories to the “crime” of Human Trafficking! This is big business, I thought! It is not enough to prevent this at the point of “entry” into Russia, we must address this at the point of “departure” from Nigeria!

As Nigerians, some of us are involved in this scheme as well! Who are the suppliers of these women? Oftentimes, family members come back to Nigeria and take these young ones overseas with the promise to give them a better life abroad! Some of us parents are gullible! As parents, how far will some of us go to introduce our girls into this life prostitution, as the Ambassador stated in his interview, some parents have told the girls to endure the suffering! Really! Just so that we can have what we consider “the finer things of life”? Have we no conscience?

I understand that there is the National Agency for Prohibition of Traffic in Persons and Other related Matters (NAPTIP), which has been in existence since 2003! Never heard of them… But that is not the point… NAPTIP needs to do more to prevent this crime against women and children (the major demographics for this crime).

It is not enough for Mr. Ambassador Sir, to Russia to give an interview about it! What are the next steps, of Action to stem this ebb? The Nigerian External Affairs Ministry needs to take action and not sweep this serious matter under the proverbial rug! Human Trafficking is a crime! On a separate note, stories like this, tarnish the image of law-abiding Nigerians in Diaspora!

Finally, if this is an inflated number, then the Nigerian Ambassador to Russia owes all Nigerians an apology!

This is a call to action!

Nigerians all over, please do not stand by the sidelines! Get Involved!


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