A Gift of Relief: Water


I truly commend your efforts! Especially on the African continent, A continent near and dear to my heart!

the Philanthropist

As you lounge by the pool this summer sipping your iced tea, you may not understand the entirety of your privileged state. A pool full of water for leisure? What a charm! However, before you slice another lemon for your beverage, you may want to consider the 800 million people worldwide who do not have access to clean water. Having to hike daily to grab buckets full of lake, swamp, and river water, these individuals not only have to literally carry the burden of thirst—rain or shine—but they are also retrieving buckets of unsanitary and unsafe drinking water. No Britta here.

Yet, there is good news! With every adverse situation, it’s possible to find a favorable opportunity. Although many people are suffering, dying, and having difficulty surviving on a daily basis due to the unclean water problem, there is an opportunity to help: charity: water.

About charity: water

A company…

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