Addicted to Technology? I Can “Totally” Relate!

Addicted to Technology? I Can “Totally” Relate!

Give me my Apple iPad, my Samsung Galaxy S3(thinking of getting the S4) Internet access (Wired, Wireless, Tethering, it really doesn’t matter) and I am completely content. I can be up “all night long”! I’m not a big Television watching chick, unless It’s NCIS (and the like), and definitely not a news junkie (too depressing), nor am I a fan of watching political manoeuvres and the gullibility of some of us voters! Regardless of where you reside, All Politicians are the same. They all “flip-flop”!

Anyway, back to my point, I absolutely hunger for technology, I’m a “Techie Chick”, love to read, write, an avid learner of all things technology! And other than the “Man Upstairs”, “my oga at the top” (You have to be Nigerian to understand this phrase), and the people I have a God-given responsibility to provide for, I’m all technology!

P.S. Gotta have my camera nearby too, and my adventure is complete.

So I am excited I ran across this article… Now I can still get some sleep!

A new study reveals a simple way to make sure you catch quality Zzzs—without banishing devices from the bedroom


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