Add a paralegal to your team


Absolutely Agree with this article… Go Ahead… Add a Paralegal to Your Team!… We are Priceless!

The Paralegal

The trial notice just arrived.  You found it on your desk along with a whole lot of other notices you can’t even begin to think about until you finish your first cup of coffee. Ok, go on, finish your cup of coffee but you have to promise me that you will come back here. You can’t afford not to. I have an idea… No, a solution to keep you organized and on track.

Well, welcome back. Now that you’re more awake let’s discuss what your paralegal can do for you. What? You haven’t hired a paralegal?  Well that’s the first order of business. Your business is growing and you cannot be the only one handling everything. Hiring a paralegal does not mean you’re going to lose control of your practice. Hiring a paralegal is going to give you more control of your practice.  Let me explain how.

That notice or…

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