Elevator Pitch… What’s Yours?

Elevator Pitch… What’s Yours?

So I am continually hearing the phrase “Prepare your elevator pitch…”… and it got me thinking… if I had 20 seconds to sell my skills or products to a potential employer or investor… what would I say…

  • Why should any employer hire me?
  • Why should anyone buy my products?
  • What’s unique about me or my products?

So many questions…

  • What is an elevator pitch? It is that quick straight-to-the-point persuasive speech that you give someone who would generate additional interest in you, or idea or your project or your start-up or your products.

Reading up on this, here’s some pointers that you may find useful in crafting a great pitch, that can be changed often, but  tailored to your particular audience.

Who, what, why, next steps….


  • Who are you and what do you do?
  • What’s unique about you?  An article calls it your “Unique Selling Proposition (USP)”
  • Why should anyone listen to you?
  • Next steps… call to action, if you have a business card (which you should always have with you), now is time to exchange it; Are you  on LinkedIn (and you should be, and keep it professional)?
  • Follow-up with this lead.
  • Continually practice and tweak your “elevator pitch”.

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