My Love Affair… With Shoes!

My Love Affair… With Shoes!

Where have you been all my life? Why am I so super excited? Because  (and I tell my young people, you don’t start a sentence with “Because”), they make and carry bigger shoe sizes! Handmade, real leather, And cute too!

I have always struggled to find my shoe size… Oftentimes, I bought the shoes first, when I could finally find my size, Yep.. Nordstrom Rack “Bigger Shoe size” events, Zappos, Magnus (London), or a great store i found in Munich, Germany, and then made the  outfit work, by colors, fashion accessories, etc… You get my drift… 

Now I don’t have to do that… Just pick the style, color, height of my heels, pay.. voila! I’m hoping I can help someone  who’s been there and can “totally” relate… The link to this website will remain on my blog under “”Style Corner” … - Italian craftsmanship high heels stiletto fetish shoes: pumps mules slippers sandals boots platforms and much more...


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