Meet charming though disarming Titilayo Oyinbo whose Yoruba mastery would shame “Yoruba-Americanas” & “Yoruba-Londoners” – Tola Adenle


Every time I’ve heard or read of this Lady, I’m in awe of her passion for the Yoruba culture and language.

The charming Cara Hershman, a.k.a. Titilayo Oyinbo

Credit: Titilayo’s Blog,

[Ibadan where she was studying, is geographically North of Lagos.]

Now, this young lady can put to shame – and does it with admiration – the Yoruba skills of those who have never taken a step outside Yorubaland, not to talk of travelling out of Nigeria!

All Yoruba speakers who play this YouTube video would be proud of this young lady.  Mo kan sara fun Omidan yi o!

A commentator had this to say about Cara Harshman, a.k.a. Titilayo Oyinbo – The “first name translates to “my joy is endless” and Cara’s “last name” is “White”!

I LOVE you! I am Nigerian (Yoruba) and your Yoruba vernacular puts me to shame! I could watch you ALL day! keep up the great work!


Titilayo…..what a beautiful name you…

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