Yoruba Aso Oke: 2013 Oje-Ibadan & Oje-Ede Market Days – Tola Adenle


…..The richness of the Yoruba culture! Aso-oke… Traditional woven cloth… Classic pieces, but eclectic…


I’ve noticed there’s continued traffic on the 2013 Market Days.  Please note that the dates for 2014 has already been posted. 


TOLA, APRIL 25, 2014.



Okay, Ladies – pardon me, guys – here are the market days for the two Ojes this year if you happen to be interested in shopping for aso oke. 

The production may not be elegant and the print is not that legible when scanned and so was last year’s which was why I copy-typed it out but the calendar does contain some info though in Yoruba Language.  I’ve also copy-typed the 2013 edition but posted the scanned cut-up for this year in case those better at these things than me can make it work!

It is sold at Oje every year and since I first came across it some years ago, I’ve always bought copies for me and for others.  You can…

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